GetSwap is a multi-chain aggregation exchange of DAO (Decentralized Distributed Organization) jointly established by 500 blockchain enthusiasts around the world to build a new order of wealth sharing, security and mutual trust. The token GET is launched to make the token GET a community autonomous currency. In order to create a multi-chain aggregation exchange, its token value is built on the BSC smart chain, and BSC provides basic support.

Ecological planning

GET Market Cap

(DeFi 1.0 builds consensus and builds traffic)


(GET liquidity pool to mine sub-coins for free)


(The GET liquidity pool mines energy value for free, the sub-coin liquidity pool mines energy value for free, and the energy value is synthesized into NFT)

Multi-chain Aggregation Exchange

(NFT holders become shareholders of multi-chain aggregated exchanges, and enjoy exchange fees and bonuses, online token transactions, online corporate NFT transactions, online personal NFT transactions, and listed corporate commodity transactions, etc.)

Safe income

100% decentralized

no backdoor

Open source contract code

Fair and just and open

contract permission discard


Tokens will never be issued

Measure the full circulation of issuance

The pot is locked for life

Unable to withdraw from the pool forever

currency value spiral

The higher the transaction volume, the higher the reserve price

Token deflation + lp dividend

Extreme Deflation Pool Dividend

United Zhuangzhuang's largest profit

Aggregate banks sell high and buy low


transaction mechanism

Handling fee: 2% for buying and selling, 2% for each transaction (sale), 1% of which will automatically enter the liquidity pool LP (weight) for dividends, and 1% will automatically enter the black hole for destruction. Deflation to 100,000 will no longer be destroyed, and 2% of the transaction will directly enter the liquidity pool LP (weight) dividend.


There is no project party here
No leeks are cut here
No human manipulation here

open, fair, just